Thursday, November 6, 2014


I'm just going to mention, so I can remember later, that we have had an awesome summer/early fall here in NYC.  I think we used our air conditioners a total of 5 times this summer.  Going to "lua's park" has become part of our every day and I am so thankful that this particular New York City park has a fair amount of green and trees and rocks and mud that Lua is absolutely obsessed with.  I'm sure, when she spends an hour making "soup puddles", a fair amount of that water contains pee and/or beer, but I'm focused on making these lemons into lemonade here, people.

For Halloween, even though I had some pretty awesome ideas (Esmé would have made a fantastic Lt. Dan:), we let Lua pick and she chose to be a pirate.  A lady pirate.  A lady princess Lua pirate.  

The weekend before Halloween, the cast of Aladdin hosted a little trick or treat party at the theater, which was super fun!  Each dressing room was decked out and the candy was plentiful!  Then, on Halloween, we decided to venture out to try and find some real, door-to-door trick or treating.  I remember as a kid, being dropped off at one end of a block.  Set free to go from house to house, with mom or dad waiting around the corner in the car.  Those days are long gone for most kids, but we did find a few blocks of storefronts that were all handing out candy, so that had to suffice.  We also stumbled upon a street that was closed to traffic and the brownstones were all decorated:)  It turned into a madhouse pretty quickly, but both girls were awesome and I'm so glad Lua was able to experience a little Halloween spirit!

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