Saturday, November 8, 2014


 did this last night....

Whacked off about 5 inches in the bathroom, after a shower that can only be described as Marcia Brady in The Craft.

Of all the postpartum joys, losing wheelbarrow-full amounts of hair from about month 4 to month 8 has got to be my personal fave.  So, I'm working my way closer to something like this.

Or perhaps this?

I've always been way too chicken to chop my locks, but these days, the old ponytail-bun-thing is my go-to and it's just....blah-yuck-boo.  I also have always been envious of those of you who do extreme things with your hair and never dreamt that it was something I could pull off because, well, I'm not so sure anymore!  Why can't I be adventurous? It's just hair!  If I had beautiful, dreamy, thick, luscious locks I may be singing a different tune, but my hair has always been very fine (sorry Lua) and kinda scraggly, so maybe it'll look 10x better short?!? Maybe I've been missing out this whole time?!? 

But what if it's spikey like Kate plus 8? Or a mullet?  Or I look like a drag queen on his day off? I don't know! Stay tuned!

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