Friday, June 7, 2013

family photos

So, a few weeks ago, I volunteered the fam to be models for a photography workshop a friend was giving in Central Park.  It was a loooong afternoon for Lua - imagine asking your 19 month old to pose for 2 hours!

We are, however, starting to get some of the students' photos and are loving what they captured!  I really have such a beautiful little family.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


We have been flying over here.  Summer has come to NYC and this little family finds itself outside all day, every day.  

Lu and I welcomed the warmth with a relaxing trip to North Topsail Island in North Carolina.  Except for the 10 hour drive, everything about this trip was amazing.  We were invited by our good friend Becca and her wonderful mama and spent the entire time on the ocean, napping, playing and swimming.  It was heavenly and I cannot wait to return someday soon!

Andrew has been busy as ever at the show, which is now closing on June 15th.  He and I decided that for the two months he will have off, I will go back to work part-time at the animal shelter.  I'm excited for Andrew to be able to spend more time with Lu and to have some more "adult" time for me ;)  I can't tell you how great the thought of a solitary subway ride sounds right now!  Just 45 minutes to read, sit, listen to music...whatever.

We have so many fun adventures planned this summer and I hope to post more (short posts/picture posts) to keep everyone up to date!

Here are just a few snapshots from life lately.  Enjoy!

-on our way!-

-first look at our beach-

-this girl loves her some sand-

-and shells!-

-our view-

-wearing the first baby "thing" I bought when I found out I was pregnant (the suit)-

-lounging in front of our house-

-happy happy with Becca-

-every morning, we'd get up and go for a walk near the beach.  stopping to smell the flowers, of course-

-lu was given this minnie mouse before we left and she (minnie) accompanied us everywhere-

-goofing in our room-

-these little suckers were alive and moving!  so cool-

-she is officially not a baby anymore-

-last sunset of our trip-

-we had SO MUCH FUN!-

-memorial day in the park with friends-

-uncle monster helping out-

-kisses on the A train-

-ok, so we were waiting for the A train home again and what pulls up? an old subway train from 1936!  i'm way too excited-

-pretty fun ride.  every commuter had a smile on his/her face-

-this is just a fun photo from today.  taken right after lua scaled the ramp up and was all, "i did iiiiit!"-