Thursday, September 19, 2013

You are two today.

One of my dad's (many) pet peeves is the inappropriate overuse of the word AWESOME.

I have to be honest and say that when you really think about the definition, then think about how many times today you've used the word to describe a sandwich - well - I have to sort of agree with him;)

However, tonight I'm going to go ahead and say that being Lua's mama is AWESOME.  It's hard not to be filled with awe when thinking about the past two years and the enormous, terrifying and beautiful responsibility that Andrew and I have been given.  

What an honor it is to be in your world, my sweet little Lu.  

You are hilarious, kind, smart and strong.  You love to dance and sing and RUN!  You are so interested in cars and motorcycles and dinosaurs and blocks and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR right now that I can't believe I ever wished for a boy.  You'd rather eat fruit than French fries.  You love your dada so so so much and he is so in love with you:) You two are loud and funny and I am so lucky to laugh every day at your antics!

Most of all, Lua D, you make being a mama so easy.  I love spending my days with you.  You are awesome.  Awesome!  You are so loved:)