Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bloggers for Birth Kits.

I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon this picture (and the story that goes with it), but I'm certain that it happened for a reason.

Just yesterday, I skype-vented to my dear friend, Laura, about how Lua was being so clingy and cranky and I wasn't able to get anything done.  She reassured me that it would get better, but I was still feeling sorry for myself...until I read about the women in Papua New Guinea and other developing nations.

The rate of maternal death in PNG is 1 in 7.  One mommy in seven.

Clean Birthing Kits can save moms' lives.  With a trip to your local convenience store (or a teeny tiny donation), you can provide clean delivery supplies for women in need.

One birthing kit includes:
1. Soap (for the birth attendant to wash her hands). Use a hotel-size soap or cut a regular bar of soap into 1/8-sized pieces. (Microwave the bar of soap for 30 seconds to soften it for cutting).
2. One pair of plastic gloves (for the birth attendant to wear).
3. Five squares of gauze (to wipe the mum’s perineum and baby’s eyes). Gauze pieces should be about 10×10 centimeters or 3×3 inches.
4. One blade (to cut the cord). You can buy individually wrapped sterile blades at the pharmacist or buy utility blades (much cheaper) at the hardware store. We teach the women to boil the blades for sterilization, so utility blades work just fine.
5. Three pieces of string (2 for tying the cord, 1 for “just in case”). String should be about 30 centimeters or 10 inches long.
6. One plastic sheet (for a clean birthing surface). Sheet should be approximately 1×1 meter or 1×1 yard and can be purchased at your hardware or paint store.
7. One sandwich-size ziplock bag (to pack the contents).

that's it.  so simple.

Please follow this link for more information and/or to donate.

7 months.

Beetle is:

sitting up on her own
pulling herself up on mommy, daddy and anything else that will support her
reading lots of touchy-feely books ;)
waving (see this post)
sleeping much better (though she is still waking up a few times)
talking in this oh-so-cute, but kind of disturbing 80yr. old smoker's voice
working on another tooth (not sure which one, but she's back to drooling and chewing on everything!)
antagonizing Tank (she wants to play with him so badly!)

Lu continues to be such a happy happy baby.  Even if she's had one, half hour nap all day she has yet to have a melt down (knock on something now, please).  

Also, it must be because of her daddy's antics from such an early age, but she is FEARLESS and STRONG.  Just today, she pulled herself up in her crib (on the side) and was watching me sort laundry.  She decided she wanted to move to the bottom of the crib to get a better look.  I watched her make the decision to just LET GO, fall and catch herself on the bottom side.  She's bumped her head more times than I'd like to admit, but she seems to be getting the hang of it - falling, that is ;0)

PS - you can't really see them in the first photo, but check out the shorts that I scored for Lu on our recent surprise trip (more on that to come)! Not too pink, but still girly :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

hi. hello. bonjour!

It's been awhile, so get ready for multiple posts in a row!  So much has happened, including THIS, which I just HAD to share.  Taken by my giggly husband ;)  so cute.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, April 13, 2012

my mom is awesome.

the other day i got these in the mail from my momma...

yep, she made them. so proud of her!  thanks, ma!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

spring baby.

Even though it's only 50 degrees outside, I couldn't resist the temptation to try some summer clothes on Lua yesterday.  I was hoping one of the dresses I bought would be big enough to fit her through the summer (it is!) and was also nerd-ily excited to try on the first thing I purchased when I found out I was having a girl...a swimsuit.  I know, it was a weird buy, but as I was dumbfounded-ly searching the racks at our nearest children's consignment store, saying to myself, "no way you're having a girl. no WAY"...a swimsuit seemed like a reasonable purchase.

I have to say, it was a good buy.  I couldn't get over how cute she looked in her suit - my little bathing beauty!  I'm thinking of signing her up for swim classes...does any mom out there have thoughts on swim class for babes?  I don't want to drop $400 for nothing....Also, any good recommendations out there for swimsuits for mommy?  Preferably one that covers bellybutton stretch marks :(  

Monday, April 9, 2012


 Some photos from our week :)
Lots'o'swingin' :)
We've discovered the key to a good night's sleep for Beetle:  OUTDOOR ACTIVITY! 
I'm so happy.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

cousins. part two.

 eloise is here! eloise is here!  

i seriously could watch these two hang out for hours.  this was the first time lua had ever seen another baby and it was so cool to see her interact with eloise.  it is also so nice to spend time with other parents.  not many friends of ours right now are up at 7am and go to bed by 9, so it was nice to share tips, tricks and just swap baby stories :)  i hope these two have the chance to do a little growing up together least closer than 1500 miles apart.

 i was able to snap some pictures today and just had to share.  i love them.  enjoy!

are they beautiful ladies or what?!