Friday, November 21, 2014

Nana and Pop-pop take NYC

My mom and dad came to town just in time for our blissful colds to really take hold.  We all still managed to enjoy ourselves, despite being up most nights with one or both of the littles.  Lua got to see daddy perform in ALADDIN! My dad mentioned it at one point - seeing her father perform on Broadway may be one of Lua's first memories.  And although I'm pretty sure Lu remembers and can recount her experience just out of the womb, it's great to think about the things that have stuck in my head throughout the years and I hope Andrew and I can help plant some amazing ones for our kids to hold on to:).

Did I mention the girls LOVE their grandparents? Esmé was a little nervous/under the weather on the first day, but she got right over that by the next morning:)

We spent much of our time playing, cooking (thanks mom) and eating in the apartment.  It was so relaxed and nice.  

My parents ended up booking a flight for me to come home with the girls for nearly the entire month of January!  It's so expensive to travel, only going for a week or two is hardly worth it.  Plus, someone pointed out that January is like, the WORST month to be in NY,  so we're going to spend it in a house, with a yard for snowmen and a car with a heater and cousins close by to play with!
 I'm still holding out for my honeymoon:) hopefully when Esmé is a little older, Andrew and I can leave them to go somewhere awesome;) for now, I'm content to "vacation" a little closer to home!

Out for delivery

means my diapers will be here soon, right?

FYI: that's a burp cloth shoved in some of Lua's baby doll undies...

Its naptime over here - let's see how this bad boy holds up!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


 did this last night....

Whacked off about 5 inches in the bathroom, after a shower that can only be described as Marcia Brady in The Craft.

Of all the postpartum joys, losing wheelbarrow-full amounts of hair from about month 4 to month 8 has got to be my personal fave.  So, I'm working my way closer to something like this.

Or perhaps this?

I've always been way too chicken to chop my locks, but these days, the old ponytail-bun-thing is my go-to and it's just....blah-yuck-boo.  I also have always been envious of those of you who do extreme things with your hair and never dreamt that it was something I could pull off because, well, I'm not so sure anymore!  Why can't I be adventurous? It's just hair!  If I had beautiful, dreamy, thick, luscious locks I may be singing a different tune, but my hair has always been very fine (sorry Lua) and kinda scraggly, so maybe it'll look 10x better short?!? Maybe I've been missing out this whole time?!? 

But what if it's spikey like Kate plus 8? Or a mullet?  Or I look like a drag queen on his day off? I don't know! Stay tuned!