Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some days.

Some days are really awesome.  Naps time out perfectly, kids are happy, you get time to clean and time (30 whole minutes!) to look at Pinterest :). On those same days, you also get all the way downstairs with your crew and outside, only to realize that you've left your shopping list in the kitchen and are walking down the street in your slippers.

Do you think I turned back?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Harvest Festival

Lua has been taking a few classes this fall and one of them is the Dance Project of Washington Heights.  It is a 'by donation' class and, by far, Lua's favorite.  Last weekend, our neighborhood hosted a Harvest Festival and Lua's dance class was invited to dance in a "parade" around the park!  Lua was so excited:)

And then she wasn't so excited...

Until we found her teacher, Miss Heather!

We were joined by our dear friend, Simon and his mama, Ashley:)  Simon didn't like Lua leaving him to dance!  I don't have any pics of the actual parade, because it was pretty crowded and Lua insisted on me walking next to her the ENTIRE way (pushing the stroller and carrying her sister).  Ah well.

After the parade, we got to have some fun at the Festival!

I'm starting to feel more and more like a functioning human some days (this day was one of them).  And on the days when I feel just like a machine that goes through the motions of being a teacher, janitor, milk maker, cop, chef...something like this happens at the end of the day that just fills my little heart and reminds me that we're going to be okay.

I was getting the girls ready for bed and I was tired.  And irritated.  And tired.  Andrew was gone a lot last week and I missed him, Lua missed him and we just all get along better when daddy is here to pick up some of the playtime-always-on-the-move-i-ness that Lua throws down.
Esmé was getting cranky and yelling to be picked up, Lua was STILL eating supper and jumping on the bed (not at the same time) and "helping" her sister learn to roll over.  She spilled something on the floor and I stomped off to the kitchen to grab a towel.  I came back to this.  The girls were talking to each other.  Esmé was babbling and Lua was telling her a story and holding her hand and they were just so....sister-y.  I love it.  How could I be upset?

Have a great night, everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Short and sweet.

Two things:

1. She is so scrumptious. 
2.  Where did that middle aged lady come from?

Hope you are all enjoying Autumn!  We are spending the day picnicking in Central Park!