Friday, January 27, 2012 easy as...

ok.  so i know beetle is, what, 4 months old now?  BUT! we just finished editing this video and it is just too cute not to share.  watching it, i can't help but be reminded what we went through over the course of those photos...
i had morning sickness. serious.
we had puppies. 5 of them. and mama. dancing at my feet while we took photos.
i got a promotion at work.
i got stretch marks.
i got hot. serious. (both meanings will work here :)
i got grumpy.  gave up putting makeup on at 1am to take the damn photos.
and then, with the arrival of lu, as it should - everything got put on hold.  even introducing her into the video.
it is just too cute not to share.
I love you, Andrew, for diligently sticking with this project and making it awesome even though i wanted to quit at times.

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